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Your Touch

featuring Sharonda K. Mitchell

Co-Writers: Eldrick Rodgers & Tony Dickerson

"You're Touch" is a gospel ballad that pulls on the heart string of those who are experiencing challenges, sadness or hardships in their life, but who have confidence that one touch from God will change their situation.

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God Wants to Change You

Songwriter: Eldrick Rodgers

"God Wants to Change You" is an upbeat churchy song that will get your feet moving, your hands clapping and your head bobbing. All while share the plan of salvation according to Romans 10:8-10.

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Walk Around Heaven

Songwriter: Eldrick Rodgers

"Walk Around Heaven" is a New song that was released May 5th. It is an energetic gospel choir song, produced by Dulaney Land Music, that gives children of God excitement, encouragement and hope that when this life is over we will be able to walk, sing and shout all around heaven. It's also a great song for church memorial services.

Jesus Single Cover_sm.png


featuring Karen Hoskins

This good vibe energetic urban contemporary song is about speaking the name of Jesus to bring peace, hope, and freedom to those struggling with addiction, fear, anxiety, and depression. The name of Jesus is referred to as power, healing, and life, that can break every stronghold and shine through the shadows like a fire.

Songwriter: Eldrick Rodgers

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Give Peace a Chance - Cover Art - large.png

Give Peace a Chance

Songwriter: Eldrick Rodgers

I was taking a course called Writing Hit Songs at the Berklee School of Music when war in the Ukraine broke out. With sadness from current social events, recent riots, lootings and shootings in Kenosha and all over the world, as well as violence against the Asian & African American communities, I was inspired to write this song. This song is an attempt at doing my part to help heal this land and spread the message of peace at home and all over the world.

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